Belle et Bum (Télé-Québec)
Potion 13 has been selected to be on the
"New talent chart 2005/2006" by the tv
Belle et Bum (on télé-Québec).
Thank you for your support!
You are our force!
Zed tv (CBC)
Thanks to the team at Zed TV (on CBC) for
helping us spread  our metal around!.
On VOX channel, for the next few weeks, you
will be able to watch some  portions of
(Recorded at the Metropolis on  nov.
2nd) including some action from  Potion13.
On Wednesdays - 23h
On Thursdays - 22h
On Saturdays- 13h
On Sundays - 23h
Starting Wednesday  Novembre 9th 2005!!
75 times on TVin 2006!
Well we've been on tv 75 times already
since nov.2005! And we might be back
again so check it out...  We want to
thanks all the team at
Vox Channel for
their support. And the team at
was a pleasure working with all of
them!We appeciate!!
BikerTV contacted us and good news, we'll hear
some Potion 13 in their season 3 and 5! Thanks a lot
to the cool gang at BikerTv. We appreciate the
support! BikerTv  on
OLN and Global. Visit
BikerTv website to view previous seasons at this
Série Sportsman Québec
Génial Camping Ste-Madeleine - Potion 13
is in the série Sportsman Québec du 7 july
Thanks Mister Gibbs !!!