POTION 13,  Independent heavy rock band from Montréal, Québec.

The band is: Danielle Langlois (vocals), Brian Harps (guitar), Naty (bass), Simon Pierre Dubé (drums).

Based in Montréal, Potion 13  started in the year 2002.. The first album "
Porte-bonheur" (lucky charm) came out
in november 2002. In december  2012 came out our cd "
Le rock ça tue!"(Rock kills).

More than
65 appearences on television of our show  at the Métropolis. Our music was featured in  season-3 and
(2009) of BikerTV on ONL MenTV and Global. Also in the Sportsman serie.

More than
450 radio shows and an incalculable number of  podcast have played our songs. More than 500
host an artist page for our band, more than 550 host our MP3, so many have a link towards, all that leaded to over 2,500,000 downloads of our mp3, all over the net, all over the world, ....

Our songs were on  more than
200 charts grabbing position #1 on many of them, including in their
good days...

Interviews on UrbaniaTV, TV5 , and Bande à  PartTV.

Many interviews on fm radio and internet radio.

We made the front page of Revue On roule,  Les Nouvelles de l'Est and Journal de Rosemont.. Many interviews
(news papers, zines...), an article twice in
La Presse, Hebdo La Revue, many great reviews of our albums
and Le rock ça tue.

Many memorable
shows, like , opening for  Helloween ,  Doro ,  Udo ,  Raven  ,  David Ellefson  (Megadeth) ,  
Tim Ripper Owens (ex-Judas priest) , one with the Gala BoxeRock, in the sold-out Métropolis, one at the
Molson Park, where 5,000 people were "québécoitiser" celebrating the Fête nationale de la St-Jean, Freedom
...These shows attracted thousand of people.  That made possible many supers nice reviews of our shows..

Keep in touch and watch as this hard working independant heavy metal band rise up into the music industry.

Potion 13 is a professionnal energetic band with a unique visual show, not to be missed. Their primary objective
is to create a memorable evening impossible to forget, and, share with you their language of origine..
Potion 13...The best drink for an enchanting evening!
                                                             Guaranty to be spellbinding!
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